Welcome to ATC !

 Thank you sincerely for your interest in our web page ,as Autodesk Authorized  Training Center would like you to introduce to our program:  The  ATC-Saudi  Arabia is a  training center  for learning and applying  scientific  and technological achievements.
 This is not only limited to application of Autodesk software, but  covers 
general engineering knowledge related to the whole building  industry.
We see ourselves as a training center for  continuing  education of adults
in the professional field.

 The technical  development in the past  50 years has increased so
rapidly that  continuous training for academic graduates has
 become necessity specially in the field of Computer Aided Design and the
 software from Autodesk, and the new products features that
are  offered  each year on the  company’s agenda. Here in
Saudi Arabia we  find a great need for technical knowledge in

all  its international regulation, standards, and  specifications.

we hope ,you enjoy ATC

Mohammed Hossein Shukri                                   Architect and Owner
Juergen Schlueter                                   Master Eng. & Instructor Head



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